Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Best Daily Horse Photos from Sonoma Coastal EquesTraining

My friend (and former trainer--"former" because I moved so far away), Nathalie Guion, head honcho at Sonoma Coastal EquesTraining Center has the most enchanting Faceebook page. If you love horses, love seeing kids with horses, love adults with horses, love dogs with horses, love big horses, love baby horses...well, you get the idea. Just "like" the page and you'll see fabulous photos every day about the goings on SCEC.
Also for information on Nathalie's trainning program (my thumbs cannot go up enough--just the best!), and the fantastic, kid-blue-ribbon friendly Connemar/Morgans she and Drew are breeding, check out their website by clicking here.
Here's a sample...

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