Saturday, December 4, 2010

Radio for the Horse Lover

If you are trolling around the Internet, looking for entertaining ways to expand your equestrian horizons, make sure you check out the new--and free!!!!--radio show HORSES IN THE MORNING.

HORSES IN THE MORNING comes to you Monday - Friday, from 9 to 10:30 AM EST. Hosted by "America's Horse Husband," Glenn Hebert, along with his two lively co-hots, Helena and Jamie, the podcast comes to you courtesy of the great folks behind HORSE RADIO NETWORK.

At HORSES IN THE MORNING, there's a little bit of something for every horse lover, regardless of your discipline. Recent episodes have showcased Fairland Ferguson, one of the stars of "Cavalia," along with recommendations on the best Christmas gifts for the equestrian.

Other recent episodes have provided lively discussions on equine art (both painting and photography), training techniques, safety, and the eternal quest on how to properly train your horse husband.

The show's 2011 schedule is sure to be pumped full of more great equine info, delivered with lively debate and good humor.

You can even become a part of the HORSES IN THE MORNING crew by calling in with your questions or comments. The call- in number, also featured prominently on the HORSES IN THE MORNING player window, is 347-637-3238.

You can even listen to HORSES IN THE MORNING on your way to work, to the barn, or even while you're putting some elbow grease into your horse's winter coat by downloading them to your iPod or MP3 player. The link to do so is also conveniently located on their site.

Don't miss out on HORSES IN THE MORNING, your five-day-a-week link to what's new and exciting in your favorite world, that of the horse!

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