Monday, December 19, 2011


For the horse person who has everything, I have the ultimate gift recommendation. The Shake N Fork, a light-weight, durable, motorized pitch fork that saves you money on bedding AND gets you out of the stall faster. And if you're through with cleaning faster, that means you're in the saddle sooner!

I absolutely love this crazy invention and now, it turns out I'm not alone. Glenn the Geek from the popular radio show "The Stable Scoop" recently named the Shake N Fork his top gift for horse husbands for 2011!

When Best Husband in the World and I first bought our Shake N Fork at the annual Horse Expo in Sacramento, everywhere we walked that day, people laughed. I'm talking little giggles hidden behind a hand, chuckles, guffaws, and outright belly laughs. It actually started to be kind of fun.

Well, it turns out b we got the last laugh. Meticulous barn keeper Best Husband has seen his share of of broken rake handles and snapped pitch fork tines in his day. And he says, without a doubt, the Shake N Fork is the best pitchfork he's ever owned. It has cut cleaning time in half, and helped take wear and tear off his back.

Even better, this pitch fork easily earned us back its purchase price of $200 because it so thoroughly and quickly sifts clean bedding from soiled. That means the good bedding stays in the stall where it belongs. Which means I'm not constantly putting in new bedding. Which saves us money.

In addition, the tines of the fork are long-lasting and--get ready--they are GUARANTEED NOT TO BREAK (Okay, if you've had the fork for three years and you clean thirty stalls a day, that fork is going to be worn down. So we're not talking a guarantee that last you into your Golden Years.).

Considering how many cheap pitch forks we go used to through each year, the Shake N Fork has been a revelation.

Check out of YouTube video of the amazing Shake N Fork!

Who will love this fork:
--people who have arthritis, back injuries, shoulder injuries, or other physical constraints that make manual manure sifting painful
--people who use small sawdust bits and/or pine pellets for bedding
--people who appreciate a lot of value for their hard-earned buck (this thing will last forever!)
--people with a lot of stalls to clean (nationally recognized trainers with large barns swear by the Shake N Fork!)
--people who would rather spend their time riding instead of cleaning!

People who won't like it include:
--users of straw bedding
--those who view stall cleaning as a zen experience and a chance to bond with their horse
--people who view stall cleaning as part of their workout routine
--people who think $200 is just too much for a pitchfork, regardless of its durability, time-saving qualities, or the fact that you will use less bedding
--people who are grumpy to begin with and who talk with great longing about "the good old days."

Okay, I'll admit it: when I tell people about the cost, they do, admittedly, choke a bit.

Then they use it. And fall in love. And I tell them how cost effective it is, how long it will last, how much cleaner their stalls will be, how much more time they will have for riding. And like me, they fall in love.

For more info on the Shake N Fork, its incredibly durable, non-motorized little sister, and other innovative products from Equi-Tee, click here.

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